Envy 7644 Printer ePrinter Setup

HP Envy 7644 All-in-One Printer supports the wireless printing option called the HP envy7644 ePrint setup which allows you to transfer data via the email. HP ePrint supports sending and receiving information with the help of your Envy 7644 printers’ mail id which is from your smart phones, tablets and even PCs.

ePrint Setup for Windows

  • Step 1: HP Envy 7644 All-in-One Printer supports printing with HP ePrint App when connected with Windows PC.
  • Step 2: To setup HP ePrint in your windows first check the compatibility of your PC Configuration and connect with HP ePrint-Enabled Envy 7644 printer.
  • Step 3: Next you have to configure printer settings and install HP ePrint Software if necessary.
  • Step 4: Enable the HP ePrint option in the Web Services option available.
  • Step 5: Open the HP Printer Software form your windows and click Print, scan & Fax option.
  • Step 6: Click the Web Services tab and go to Web Services Settings.
  • Step 7: In the Setup option from your windows PC and click continue to accept Terms & conditions.
  • Step 8: For using your Network is using Proxy settings, click Setup Proxy Settings and change the set up.
  • Step 9: Connect your printer with Network and print a document after setting up HP ePrint in your Windows system.

ePrint Setup for MAC

  • Step 1: HP Envy 7644 Wireless printer allows you to print files from your Apple iOS Devices starting from the version Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS 10.10 and Mac OS x 10.11
  • Step 2: HP ePrint Software for Mac supports print job using the Printers’ mail ID.
  • Step 3: You can setup the ePrint service for Mac systems and also iPhones, iPads and iPods using HP ePrint App.
  • Step 4: Turn on the HP ePrint icon for initial setup for sending emails from your Envy 7644 printer.
  • Step 5: Navigate to the Printers’ Web Services Setup from the printer control panel.
  • Step 6: Click the Network Setup option and go to Wireless settings to enable Network connection.
  • Step 7: Find your printers’ mail address in the Data Sheet; your printer claim code is your mail id.
  • Step 8: Type your printer’s claim code and send print jobs from Mac device.
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Printing with HP ePrint

  • Step 1: Your HP Envy 7644 Printer allows you to use the Web services to print your files and documents using Mobile printing option HP ePrint.
  • Step 2: HP ePrint allows printing and sending the documents to other printers via your HP Envy 7644 printers’ email address.
  • Step 3: It allows you to send prints from your PC, Smart Phones, laptops and tablets with Internet connection.
  • Step 4: Find your printer mail id first, then type email address in To field.
  • Step 5: If you want to add additional recipients, you can type them in the CC filed of the printer mail attachment.
  • Step 6: Add subject for mail; if you leave as a blank filed then HP ePrint will cancel your print job.
  • Step 7: You can attach at the maximum of 10 attachments at a time more than that will not be considered.
  • Step 8: Maximum memory you can attach with print job mail is 10KB.

HP ePrint Email job does not print

  • Step 1: If your HP Envy 7644 printer troubles you when sending a print job using your HP ePrint mail ID, cancel the print job
  • Step : Make sure your printer is connected to Active Network either Wired or Wireless
  • Step 2: If you found any error in your network then troubleshoot your 123 hp envy 7644 ePrint setup & Network connection.
  • Step 3: Next step is to check your Web Services whether it is turned on or not.
  • Step 4: Update your Printer Firmware if not your HP ePrint option may not work, your email job does not print.
  • Step 5: Check your HP Envy 7644 printer control panel for any error messages.
  • Step 6: If any error displays clear that issue & then proceed printing with HP ePrint Web Service.
  • Step 7: Open your HP Customer Support and check whether it is up-to-date.
  • Step 8: If your printer light is blinking or blinks with any hindrance check your printer for issues.

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